Wood Sculptures

Alfred’s carved masks, whether human or animal, often create a strong impression of individual temperament and character. Their expressions tend to imply deep reflection, with foreheads that seem “knitted” in thought. There is something remarkably peaceful and introspective about the gaze, seeming to look beyond surface appearances. And although the masks often have more than one eye-catching character, there is always a vibrant central persona who looks as though it might speak to you at any moment. The artist’s relief-work panels are immensely elegant as well, with refined sensibility that speaks to a Japanese influence. These works strike a satisfying balance between plain areas of bold figural gesture, on the one hand, and substantially worked patterns, on the other. Like the masks, his figures reveal an affecting sense of animation and psychological depth.

The sculptures and paintings on this website are not available for sale. Please contact Eugene for more inquiries.

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