Alfred’s serigraph Raven and Human, for instance, is a dazzling image of contained energy and ‘worlds within worlds’. It reveals the mask-like face of a man, and his outstretched hand, sandwiched like a vignette within the larger configuration of the bird’s body. The great creature’s head and wings seem to cradle his small human bundle, while together, their concentric curves evoke a swirling mass of energy. Similarly, the artist’s print Salmon’s Journey presents a hypnotic vision of fish carried along by (and embedded in) a continuous flow of waves – whose lapping rhythm becomes inseparable from its cargo. These implications of a fluid world – where all aspects are intensely interwoven – reach an even more complex resolution in Two Eagles, where an S-shaped composition of a larger and smaller eagle form the continuous loop of an infinity symbol.

The sculptures and paintings on this website are not available for sale. Please contact Eugene for more inquiries.

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